To Adding Crystals To A Chandelier

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Pretty Adding Crystals To A Chandelier

Adding crystals to a chandelier – First, determine how many crystals you will need the chandelier. Count arms chandelier. Do you want a glass or acrylic beech for each arm, from which six crystals will hang? Decide if you want additional crystals to decorate other areas of the chandelier. Second, estimate how much crystal chain you need for the chandelier. Drape yarn or cloth tape measure down between each arm to figure out how much to order.

Browse online retailers for crystals. The glass crystals come in various shapes, sizes and colors. Choose clear glass or a color that coordinates with the finish of the chandelier and the decor of the room. Fourth, remove light bulbs from the chandelier. Replace bulbs.  Adding crystals to a chandelier for each of the six holes or loops on beech. For more crystals on the chandelier, hanging them from wire attached to each arm.

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Cut wire pieces to fit around each arm chandelier. Paint it with spray paint to match if the wire is a different color than the chandelier, Drape crystal chains between each arm and attach the wires. Stand back to make sure chains hang evenly all around the chandelier. It may take several tries to get a uniform appearance. Last, garnish fabric chandelier shades with small crystals. With a hot glue gun, glue trim interior designer in a coordinating color around the bottom edge of shades. Area crystals through the trim and into the shadows. Three to four crystals for each lamp shade will accent screens beautiful and add more sparkle to the chandelier. Your adding crystals to a chandelier were finished.

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