Why Trex Fencing Among Many

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Trex Fencing Modern

Are you looking for horizontal fencing? Trex fencing has quite fetching with detailed design. However, some disadvantages are considerable in the choice. It is not a recommendation to use the fencing vertically. Closer spacing is needed so that framing and posts will not warp and sag. You will get a recommendation related to post attachment points or joists.

Trex fencing is less expensive in comparison to composite deck boards. The interlocking is specially engineered which features durability. It is not heavy without being bulky at all. You can save time, effort and cash by selecting trex for fencing. It is surely a worthy investment.

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The same look on both sides, this makes trex fencing has great design appearance. There is no need of wood members at all. Aluminum

Third, the Trex fencing systems were manufactured with a design that creates the same look on both sides, whereas a fence built with decking boards will require back framing which is typically left exposed as it is with stockade or similar style wood fencing. An additional concern is that the use of wood or steel posts and framing would be affected by rot or rust over time whereas Trex fencing does not use any wood members and the only metal component is an aluminum bottom rail which will not rust.

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Fourth, in order to allow for expansion and contraction, fence built with decking boards require gaps between the boards, which reduces privacy. The Trex fencing interlocking picket system accommodates the natural expansion and contraction of material and still provides full privacy.


So if you’re considering a composite fence that is low-maintenance, green, and stylish, remember Trex has a dedicated fencing system to fulfill any residential, commercial, or HOA needs.

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