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Bread Warming Drawer

Warming drawer – One manufacturer of vintage O’Keefe & Merritt stoves was. It specializes in kitchens company almost industrial capacity. Most stoves O’Keefe & Merritt had two ovens; two grill / stove drawers and a large area; however the company made some small models with a single oven and lower surface of the stove. Stove at least one O’Keefe & Merritt had four separate compartments and four drawers’ oven grill / warming.

Cameras – like O’Keefe & Merritt and Wedgewood – made stove with double ovens and grill / warming drawers and a good sized kitchen. Ovens cameras, however, somewhat more compact than double oven models O’Keefe & Merritt and Wedgewood. Another manufacturer, Wedgewood, makes kitchens more typically suitable for home use. Most of these stoves Wedgewood had only one oven and drawer warming, although some offer storage compartments and type. As O’Keefe & Merritt, however, Wedgewood made larger kitchen with double oven and double grill / drawer warming.

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Roper stoves typically include two ovens and two warming drawer. A distinctive feature of stoves Roper was that the “window” in the oven, on models that had a round window instead of the Plaza, likes other models of vintage kitchens. A Roper stove, custom green, had three separate grills, two ovens and eight independent burners with an iron center.

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