Very Nice Eddie Bauer Quilts

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Blue Eddie Bauer Quilts

Eddie bauer quilts should be washed once or twice a year in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. In principle, all can be washed in the washing machine, but be careful to use little detergent and no softener. In the case of Nordic synthetic quilts, it is recommended to dry it in the dryer. Small trick, put a tennis ball in the dryer, allow an optimal drying of the quilt.

As for natural quilts, it is better to dry them in the open air; it will allow totally eliminating the humidity. And maintaining a perfect homogeneity of your Nordic without damaging the feathers or the down. To make sure that your partner does not steal the comforter during the night. Or just to be well covered if you sleep alone, your eddie bauer quilts should have a margin of 30 to 50 cm on each side of the bed.

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Then you have to be careful in choosing a nordic that corresponds to the size of the mattress. For example, for a mattress of 150, you would need a Nordic 240 x 220 cm. In summary, the natural eddie bauer quilts is very light and soft, has a shelf life of almost 10 years and is well aired. However, its price is quite high, and it takes longer than a synthetic nordic to dry, especially in the colder months.

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