Wall Mount Shelf: Do It Your Self

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Wonderful Wall Mount Shelf

Wall mount shelf – Before mounting the brackets to the shelves in a wall, also takes account of what may be behind and / or within this. Recommend the use of a small metal detector to make sure that there is no risk of drilling pipes or electrical wires. This type of detectors is simple to acquire in any specialty store, and also quite cheap.

When making holes wall mount shelf with the crankshaft, first measure the length of the bushing as compared with the drill. Then place a piece of tape around the drill in order to know exactly when to stop drilling in the wall. If hole in the wall too large or if the surface of the wall to crumble and expand fill it with glue suitable, then inserting the plug. Just insert the screw when the glue is already very dry.

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If the shelf leans forward due to some irregularity (not previously detected) in the wall, so you can work around the problem using a piece of cardboard. With the aid of a spirit level on the shelf, which Recalibrate the appropriate amount of card use and strengthen the brackets by placing the pieces of card between the wall and the supports? Avoid overloading shelves. Leave a space between objects. Simple steps to do wall mount shelf. Aren’t it?

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