Youthful Boho Quilt Bedding Theme

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Boho Quilt Bedding Color

Do not know what opinion you deserve the boho quilt bedding, we today have proposed talking about it and how to adapt this style to the rooms of children and young people. Discover with us all the keys of this decorative style. Inspire yourself in the photographs of children’s and youthful rooms that we share. Join us to know all the secrets of Boho Chic children’s decoration.

Boho quilt bedding  style, or Bohemian style, is old, do not think for a moment that it is a new trend since more than 200 years ago this name began to be associated to artists, writers, travelers, adventurers and in short to people who did not follow the strict norms of the society of the time. Characterized by being creative souls and with a lot of personality, with a style in comfortable and free dress.

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Boho quilt bedding color, undisputed protagonist. Strong, explosive and predominant colors. Intense reds, green, purple, yellow, in their most striking tonalities. I, if you allow me, I’ll take your side more Boho and less Hippy, since the environments are sweeter. The textiles stand out for their bold prints, ethnic patterns, flowers … You can not miss carpets and cushions, velvet and crochet in your Boho Chic room.

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